Volvo Sugga

Volvo TP21 Sugga #125

In the 1950's, the Volvo TP21 fulfilled its original role as a rugged, off-road radio communications vehicle for the Swedish Armed Forces. Because of its snout-like front end and rounded rear end, the vehicle was nicknamed "Sugga", meaning sow, or mother pig, in Swedish.
(hear it pronounced: soo-ga )
Today, the Sugga is a favorite of military vehicle preservationists, 4x4 off-roaders, show-car enthusiasts, Volvo fanatics, and even auto-buffs who want a unique sport-utility vehicle for daily use. This site provides information about Suggas, and in particular, my experiences buying a Sugga in Sweden, importing it to the US, restoring it and driving it. Click on the links above to learn more.
20 second video of
a Volvo TP21

The video and audio
  are good for a quick laugh
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